The US is in chaos right now. It’s been difficult to know what to say or what to do. It’s shocking to see the glaring impotency of logic and reason in the face of brutality and casual cruelty by those in power.

As an engineer and entrepreneur, I believe every problem, big or small, has a solution. But in this instance and in this moment, I feel helpless and angry. I’m angry at those inflicting the brutality, I’m angry at the lack of compassion from our leadership, and I’m angry at myself for not being more educated about race.

As a minority, I was forced to confront the issues of racism early in life. I always felt racism, but I never understood it. It felt like a perpetual gaze, as if someone is always watching you, and my reaction to it was to put up a shell. I didn’t realize it was something you could learn about because I didn’t realize it was fabricated intentionally to enforce a certain social structure. I thought that was “just how it is”. I didn’t learn about systemic racism, racial bias, and how damaging that was to everyone of every race.

But I especially didn’t learn about the institutionalized racism specifically designed to oppress black people. Current events have forced me to confront the fact that I only know enough to know I have major blindspots.

I’m now going to address those blindspots. I’m going to listen, read, learn, and bear witness to the continued oppression of Black Americans. I hope to one day have the tools to not only put up with the gaze of racism, but to actively be anti-racist and to confront racism.

If you wish to join me, I’ll be starting with the following resources[1]:

Black Lives Matter.

[1] From this article by Dr. Tracey Benson, a friend from my days in North Carolina

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