In today’s episode, students from Women Who Code share what the group is, what the meet-ups are like, and how they’ve found a sense of belonging and community.

These students talk about the importance of having a supportive community while going through the ups and downs of online learning at Launch School. They generously share their thoughts and experiences through their time spent in wwcode:

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In this episode, siblings John and Adam Isom come chat about their journeys working together through Launch School. Adam had completed a different coding bootcamp and was in the midst of completing his CS degree when he switched to focus on Launch School. John walked away from a college scholarship to study CS to do Launch School. Why did they do that? How did it work out? Give this episode a listen to find out!

In this conversation, we chatted about:

Today’s episode is the first of a new series called Bytes: a collection of sound-bites from the Launch School community that answer a focused question.

A question we’ve all asked at some point or another is why should I go to Launch School? Maybe you’re past that point, or maybe you’re still trying to figure it out. Either way, listen in to hear the voices of eleven different people from the Launch School community share their answers to that very question.

There’s also something new at the end that tells you how to help out with the podcast! So listen closely :)

You can listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.

Previously in Season 2, I spoke with Gabe, Ben, and Arthur to share their story on how they, as a group, supported one another through the Core curriculum. That episode highlighted the importance of community and friendship.

In this episode, Gabe, Ben, and Arthur are back with us to share more! They update us about their journey through Capstone, the job hunt, working as software engineers and meeting each other in person for the very first time. Gabe, Ben, and Arthur take us through their personal growth as individuals and as a group. …

Businesses generally live in fear of a bad review. Getting a lot of bad reviews can seriously undermine the business. The flip-side is that not getting any bad reviews can also be bad for your business. That might sound strange, but research has shown that uniformly good reviews with no bad reviews causes consumers to be suspicious.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Launch School rarely gets bad reviews. Combined with the 100% job placement rate for our Capstone Program, this has led to some skepticism from people who aren’t familiar with what we do, and comments such as ‘too good to be true’, ‘must be…

In today’s episode, Launch School students Jenae and Mandy interviewed Barbara Oakley. Dr. Oakley is no stranger to Launch School students — her Learning How to Learn course is a required part of the preparation to being a student! The conversation has many gems, including what it’s like being a woman in STEM and how programming is a form of art.

She generously shared her own journey of learning how to learn, why “follow your passion” is actually not great advice, why taking your time greatly impacts your learning, and why programming is one of the best examples of how mastery-based learning is the way to go. She’s as kind, knowledgeable, and passionate as we all already knew her to be.

You can listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.

In this episode, Staacy and I held a Zoom Q & A. I was happily surprised by the wide-range of topics that we got to dive into. Questions ranged from knowing if you’re on track for Capstone, when and how to get a job, how your age affects a career in tech, how to know if Launch School is for you, and how the Deferred Payment Program works.

Whether you’re new to Launch School, been here for awhile, or trying to figure out if you should try it, I shared a lot about why we do what we do and…

A few weeks ago, the Fall 2020 Capstone cohort finished their career search. Like all our previous Capstone cohorts, this one was a resounding success.

Salaries for Fall 2020 Capstone Cohort
Salaries for Fall 2020 Capstone Cohort

But success in 2020 wasn’t always assured. As we all know, last year was one heck of a year. With so much uncertainty in the world, I advised Capstone students to be prepared for anything. We’ve always had industry leading salary numbers at Launch School, but for 2020, I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out.

Well, here we are in 2021, and I’m happy to say Capstone results improved worldwide, and we…

The pitfalls of transitioning to a career as a Software Engineer, and how to avoid them

Since founding Launch School I’ve spoken with hundreds (thousands?) of people wanting to transition to a career in software-engineering. During many of these conversations I’ve encountered a particular myth; one that seems to be fairly widely believed.

The fallacy of the idealized journey

I call this myth ‘the fallacy of the idealized journey’, and it goes something like this: if you can transition from a non-tech job to an entry-level tech job, getting from there to a high-end tech job is easy.

In the context of the above image, people believe that getting from Step 1 to Step 2 is the hard part, and moving from…

In this episode, I caught up with Liz, Jesse, and Katarina to chat about another peer-led community group at Launch School called “The Social Network”. We previously chatted with The SPOT community leads here on the podcast, but The Social Network differs in that its mission is geared towards social events and having fun.

Last month, The Social Network put on an amazing Conference on Study Habits. I have never heard of a conference on studying before, even though studiousness is the primary attribute for success in any learning endeavor. And that is certainly true for us at Launch School…

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